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What’s New

  • Living & Dining Rooms

    Texture, furnishings, color, surfaces—all reflect a mood and function.

  • Bathrooms

    Our bathrooms exude calm, retreat, luxury. Color is here, but softened for flattery. The lighting is both moody and dimmable, and clear and bright for grooming.

  • Kitchens

    Kitchens, warm and inviting for gatherings are balanced with sleek and functional layouts and services.

  • Bedrooms

    Retreats – based in your colors, your most special art and personal object – all especially designed to nurture.

  • Commercial

  • Exteriors

    Adding some exterior color will enhance and differentiate your project. We have worked with landscape professionals on plantings to balance and accent the exterior palettes.

  • Custom Pieces

    Designing custom furniture, lighting and architectural pieces is the height of design fun for us and clients. Something unique just for your project that functions perfectly for your needs.

  • Orcas Island Retreat

    We created a small gem for everyone who loves sun and water—an environment designed with pure fun in mind.

Client Testimonials



Edy is a great decorator, and is wonderful to work with! She helped us find unique furnishings and beautiful artwork, designed custom pieces (desk, ottoman, and bookshelf/media center), and integrated our existing furniture and rugs beautifully into our new home. She is also a fantastic resource on the whole Santa Fe community, and has become a friend as well as a decorator.


“From my perspective as both builder and home-owner, Edy is great to work with.  She has long experience in the field and very competently blends the essential elements of interior design — lighting, color, texture, materials — into a harmonious whole.  She’s a team player and works efficiently and quickly, so critical building schedules can be met.  On top of it all, Edy’s a great person and really fun to work with.  I look forward to my next project with her.”

–Steve Thomas, Spokesperson, Habitat for Humanity, and former host, This Old House

We hired Core Value Interiors to prepare and select exterior colors for our Albuquerque apartments Nob Hill Apartments. This was not a simple task as there are 12 buildings and we requested that a Mid-Century palette be used. Edy started with an excellent research piece on actual colors that were in common usage in residential applications during the Mid-century. Utilizing these colors of the past she created a new and fresh modern approach which is tasteful, professional and has resulted in increased demand. Feel free to view our website www.nobhillapartments.net and look at the history section and you will see the mid-century palette research as prepared by Core Value. Or better yet come by our apartments at 4949 Roma NE and you can see the wonderful job done by Euro Painting using Edy’s colors.

Trish and Dick turned to one of Santa Fe’s best design teams, Robert Zachry, AIA, and Edy Keeler to spruce up the interiors…Keeler’s exceptional facility with finishes made her a natural choice for updating several dated spaces.

Santa Fean, October 2014

Thank you for your very helpful services with respect to the house. I think it is large part to your quick and skillful help in furnishing the house at the beginning, which not only helped its eventual sale but certainly made it very rentable for a year and a half which helped defray the cost. I appreciate all of your good work and cheerful help and look forward to having lunch with you in Santa Fe.

–Frank, St Louis, MO

I am so appreciative of all your fabulous creative insights, and helping me get my studio looking amazing. I want to make sure you know how much I value you and all you’ve done. The money I’ve spent so far is all worth it.

NR, Santa Fe artist

Edy Keeler cleverly designed & orchestrated a most beautiful and functional home kitchen renovation. She seems to have an infinite resource of brilliant solutions….which was essential in my situation. Edy’s clarity, sense of wit and considerateness maintained a positive focus for the duration of the kitchen renovation.



Edy Keeler was invaluable in helping transform my dental office. She was very organized and paid attention to detail. Caught a lot of things that I would never have thought of. And, her sense of style and scale was matched by her understanding of the functional aspects of my practice. The icing on the cake is that we had so much fun in the process.

Dr. P.