The real answer on rugs. . . likely!area rugs

It all depends on the stock situation of the rug you want, and how soon you make a choice. I’ve found that the 6 x 9 size works for just about any smallish conversation grouping. 8 x 10 is fine for larger furniture areas, and 9 x 12 if you like furniture completely on the rug. Another smart idea for a lift at the entry is a smaller rug, 5 x 7 or 4 x 6, or even a runner. A small investment with big impact.

Let me know if you need to jazz up your floor! Email or call and we can schedule a visit. And the rug size guide is small, I will interpret.

P.S. PILLOWS? An even easier design lift for a sofa, chair, or banco.

One thought on “New Area Rugs in time for the Holidays?

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