Orcas Island Retreat

island retreat
kitchen at core value island cabin
firepit by core value interiors at isalnd cabin
beach at cabin by core value
dining area island cabin
dining nook in island cabin
geese at cabin
island cabin bright blue accent wall
boat and bird on beach
tiny kitchen island cabin
island cabin bedroom
island cabin beach

What Qualifies as a Dream Job?

  • Living for a month on one of the San Juan Islands qualifies, especially if you are a confirmed high mountain desert person
  • In this case, the opportunity to create a casual gem for anyone who loves sun, fog, seafood and water, and does not require room service
  • Having free reign to design, but with specific parameters, goals, and budgets
  • Working with clients of humor, generosity, defined tastes, appropriate resources for the job, and common sense
  • Having clear input in every area of the project, construction, installation, as well as design
  • Knowing that different people will get to love the space and the place
  • Having time to explore the neighborhood and the area: riding ferries to the other islands, meeting the locals, and their wonderful food
  • Finding fascinating resources that are not just “designer” resources
  • Getting away from one’s own place and vernacular
  • Learning to appreciate why the crew does not show up at 8AM when the whales are breaching, or crabbing has started
dream jobsdream jobs


Dream Jobs given high priority!

Creating a small gem for anyone who loves sun and water—

an environment designed with pure fun in mind.

Custom Pieces

custom furniture
custom rustic door
custom chicken lamp
custom rustic door with paint
custom crystal lights
custom chaise lounge
green house living room open walls
custom rustic plank and glass table
custom lightning bolt wall sconce
custom round sofa
Problem solving is fun with design

My once and former venture was  a lighting showroom. There are thousands of great lights today but I love to design custom pieces when we can’t find something perfect. These pink crystals are for an ultra feminine dressing room, lined with pink mirrors and iridescent wall tiles.

custom lighting

A bright living room wanted a sleek but funky rendition of a chaise lounge. Something fun and comfortable for a sunny reading area near a fireplace in the winter sun.

custom furniture


We needed window coverings to solve a special problem of light and privacy. A twenty foot window looks out over pastures with mountains in the distance. But a public road cuts through the view a hundred feet away. Woven linen with both sheer striped rows and solid areas give the owners a view of hill and dale, but provides privacy and sun control. The regular “S” curve header echoes the contemporary feel of the home while providing enough softness for the bedroom.

custom drapes



Media centers
Stone tables
Room dividers
Decorative pillows
Table Lamps
Wall treatments
Half circle Sofas to fit a round side room or go around a table
Doors re-crafted from antiques to fit media casework

Bring us your quirky problems and offbeat requests, we’ll wrangle them!



Exterior Palette Design in Santa Fe

southwest style design
southwest style design
southwest style design
southwest style design
southwest style design
southwest style design
strong ochre colors exterior Core Value Inc.
strong ochre colors exterior Core Value Inc.
strong colors exterior Core Value Inc.
Adding some exterior color and shapes enhances and differentiates.


Santa Fe can be called the land of “brown and round,” a moniker applied by a contemporary builder, Michael Hurlocker, who set me free to do color on exteriors. His subdivision called La Mirada, outside city limits, is where we’re free to use color as well as realize other limits not possible to do in the city, in other highly regimented areas.

Color is important in these homes, but so is the use of form and shadow, executed in these homes by architect Robert Zachry. Adding color and texture further differentiates the buildings. As does the plantings. Further than buildings and garden walls, we work with landscape professionals on perfect plantings to balance and accent the exterior palettes.

Commercial exteriors are areas  to get more involved in. One pictured here is the Aroma Coffee roasting facility. With its large round entry the architect approximated the scale of a giant cup of coffee. Turning the metal panels on the horizontal gave a fresher take on a commercial metal building. Colors from the autumn mountain scape help it blend into the environment. You can get a fantastic custom cup of coffee here, but it’s easier to taste at many local restaurants.

The best exteriors reflect the interior focus and the aesthetic
of your home or the message of your business.



designers office design
office design
commercial retail space design
soothing dental office waiting room
commercial design
natural wood office reception
Commercial and Retail Design
mirror window with planter
French style mirror
Commercial Interior by Santa Fe designer Edy Keeler
Timeliness, Special-ness

We like to do small to medium commercial projects. And have learned a bit about what is important to business owners.

Timeliness:  A commercial design project, so different in terms of clients and client needs, needs to move quickly, unlike the Apple stores on which the company invested years of planning. This included the meticulous Steve Jobs scrapping all his plans after seeing a better way. But there is no denying that the Apple Store layout and finishes show both efficiency and beauty in a crowded and popular destination shopping spot. So I examined his process.

Special-ness:  Apple stores offer a Genius Bar for technical support, and free product workshops for the public. The Apple Stores have, according to an article in The New York Times, been responsible for “[turning] the boring computer sales floor into a sleek playroom filled with gadgets.” These stores have a standardized appearance with white or light wood tables and a minimal design. The sales folks walk around with tablets and there is not much wait time at all to buy and get going.

Special-ness and your business:  Why not? Why be pedestrian when it costs no more, with good design, to be special. For example, my own personal services business design highest gripe is ugly manicure salons. So I won’t get into big trouble, I don’t go around town taking phone snaps of ugly salons, or heaven forbid, unclean workstations. But wouldn’t you, and your customers, prefer to be here, at the salon in the photo? It does not cost more to be tasteful. It takes design guidance to get to where you want to be. And can cost less.

commercial designLooks Expensive!   You may be looking at this and thinking “wow, this looks expensive!” I guarantee that it could easily be less than the grotesque pedicure all-in-one-soak-your-feet-and give-you-a-brutal-back-massage contraptions we encounter in pedicure stations. Yes, this has custom upholstery (a good thing) but the little sinks are pretty standard small sinks, as are the gooseneck faucets. This is for the small service business owners:  Let’s talk design, for function and beauty, for increasing customers and for their happiness and satisfaction.

One example, not such a small business: Lucchese leased a 1899 bank building on the east side of the Santa Fe Plaza, to move from a small location two blocks off the plaza. An upscale western, not cowboy, environment was the goal. Comfort, spaciousness, ease of fittings, a sense of the history of the company were part of the design program here. It’s nice to feel a sense of that history while being fitted for $1000 plus boots. We added blow-ups on scrim of famous folks doing exactly that, and had a lot of fun in the process. As well as portraits of the founders, and memorabilia from company archives.

Ignite your business with good design!


bedroom design
bedroom design
bedroom design
bedroom design
bedroom design
bedroom design


Our designer bedrooms are retreats


Based in your calm or spicy colors, your most special art, your own personal objects — all especially woven together in a retreat designed for nurturing.


Bedrooms really are where we retreat, for rest and sleep, to fun with a partner, to healing from wounded feelings. So both comfort and soothing things we love are really important here. The bedroom is the ultimate place for expressing our private selves.


Colors we love run the gamut from classic whites and off-whites, to calming blues, or reds and oranges that may complement tribal art collections, and black and white that works so well with photography in the gray scale. I personally love to use darker colors, as they are so restful. But many of the shots in this web portfolio show light wall — many of these bedrooms are in houses built “on spec” where the walls were purposely left pale, allowing new owners to personalize a room, adding their own color.


Large bedrooms are a luxury in themselves, and allow for sitting areas and fireplaces. Smaller bedrooms can be a challenge but respond well to one large piece of art, good colors for the owners, and luxurious bedding.

The flooring in a bedroom is also important. It’s one of the few rooms where carefully chosen carpet can be the perfect finish. And if a hard surface is desired, perhaps as a continuation of all the rest of the house, which is common in contemporary homes now.  The right area rugs finish these rooms with a level of plush comfort.

Choosing the perfect bed is vital. The mattress is such a matter of personal taste, but the style of the bed itself might be minimal and no more than a beautiful wood plank headboard. Or a wonderful clean style four poster, with maybe a canopy frame, left undraped. Great ones come in colored steel as well as wood. One of my favorites is an upholstered headboard and maybe footboard. We’ve used ethnic textiles and very clean wools and quilted pieces for upholstered headboards, and make them locally.

Add gorgeous bedding and get ready for sweet dreams!


Kitchen Design Santa Fe and beyond

contemporary kitchen

contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen
Kitchens, designed for cooking and gatherings,
balanced with sleek surfaces and functional layouts

“Edy Keeler cleverly designed & orchestrated a most beautiful and functional home kitchen renovation. She seems to have an infinite resource of brilliant solutions….which was essential in my situation. Edy’s clarity, sense of wit and considerateness maintained a positive focus for the duration of the kitchen renovation.” -E P

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older home, a kitchen design project can feel overwhelming. As an interior designer and kitchen design specialist, I’ve helped many clients around Santa Fe and New Mexico navigate this complicated potentially stressful process. An organized and professional approach will help soothe those nerves and make sure your new kitchen is truly your dream kitchen.

Here at Core Value Interiors, we’ll organize your kitchen design project into four manageable steps:

1. Needs Analysis:

During the first phase, we’ll meet with you to measure the space, in a remodel, and discuss your goals and priorities for the new kitchen. We may interview whoever will be using the space, go over your wish list, and talk about any ideas you’ve been collecting. Together, we’ll assess the five functional areas of your kitchen:

  • Pantry: food storage space, refrigerator size and style
  • Cabinet Storage: small appliances and cookware
  • Sink Area: countertop space, dishwasher, sink and faucet design
  • Preparation Area: counter space or island
  • Cooking area: cooktop and oven or range

2. Space Planning and Kitchen Design Scheme

Back at the studio, we’ll use the information from the Needs Analysis to create your new kitchen design. Space planning will incorporate your cooking and storage needs, and plan for traffic flow. Next we’ll create a cabinet layout, and select cabinet styles, countertop materials and other finishes for your approval.

3. Kitchen Design Development

This is the fun part, as we work together to finalize your kitchen design. You’ll review the cabinet layout and samples to make your final selections – including door styles, architectural details, countertops, backsplash, hardware and appliances.

Once you’ve approved everything, my job is to ensure that our vendors, builder and sub-contractors have the correct specifications and understand every detail of the design scheme. We’ll establish a timeline for ordering each component of the kitchen, and coordinate the work schedule with the construction team.

4. Construction and Installation

Once the on-site work begins, I work closely with the construction team to answer questions and handle any issues that may come up. We’ll have frequent check-ins to make sure things are on schedule. I also help coordinate site preparation, storage, cleaning, and deliveries to help your project go as smoothly as possible.

5. And at last, Enjoy Your New Kitchen Design!

Your new kitchen is often the largest investment you make in your home. Our professional kitchen design services will simplify the process, maximize your budget, and make sure your new kitchen works for you and looks amazing.

Owners are always pleased to get back to their life, their pursuits,
and their own cooking.

Bathroom Design Santa Fe and Beyond

bathroom design
adjustable lighting bathroom mirror
bathroom design
contemporary southwest style
honed slate elegant master bath
santa fe bathroom design
bathroom design
limestone bathroom
bathroom sinks
honed slate tile and cherry wood santa fe bathroom
bathroom design
bathroom design
bathroom design
bathroom design
bathroom design
Santa Fe Bathroom Design
blue grey tiled wall powder room bronze lav
stylish bathrooms
master bath southwest
What do you want in Your Bathroom?
How many bathrooms do you have and what size are they?
Here is a checklist to determine the use and character of each type bath.
  1. Large spa-like Master Bath
  2. Master Bath, but not so large
  3. Smaller Guest Bath
  4. Guest Bath that doubles as powder room
  5. Powder room, limited family use
  6. Family bathroom, which may may be the only bath one in the home
Styling Your Bath
Are you a traditionalist who wants to create a style in line with your classic John Gaw Meem home on Santa Fe’s eastside, or your classic Old Town home in Albuquerque that is quite the Spanish Hacienda? There are so many materials in those styles, so the real trick is narrowing them down to make choices that will endure. If your goal is rich color and warmth, but contemporary style, that’s great.  Our vast tile and fixture selections will support any color direction you might want to take.
Or maybe you are looking for dark and sexy—drama with lots of special features? There are tubs and showers with lights and aromas, and wall coverings and surfaces that are dark and moody. Is your dream bath a light and white spa that makes you feel pampered and spotlessly clean? Such a popular mode! There is beauty to select from here, dream pictures in magazine editorials and advertising for tubs and lavatories, faucets and tub fillers.
In remodeling, a home may be older, and rather than continue in an old adobe style or Territorial style manner, you want to break with style and have a very contemporary bath. This can work, or not. It takes finishes, fixtures and lights that bridge the divide between traditional Northern New Mexico style, and still feels contemporary. New, clean and pristine goes a long way to updating any style. This approach works with traditional homes from other eras and locations. Craftsman, Prairie, California Ranch, New England colonial, Log home — we can update bathrooms that reference their authenticity, but look quite modern, or as classic as ever.

After narrowing down the style you desire, we then shop for a.) fixtures and features in line with the vision, and b.) surfaces and lighting. Again, the choices are never ending. My job is to narrow the field, and help you make the right choices. We love to do that!

Add luxurious toweling and step into your private retreat.

Great Rooms

Interior Design
santa fe great rooms
dining room design
living room santa fe style
custom heavy plank and iron dining table by Santa Fe Interior Designer
6 Simple Steps to Update a Room
santa fe great rooms

Why a story? I was a lit major in college, in large part due to Saturday trips to the “grownup section” of the library with my dad. All this was balanced with a keen hobby-like interest in home design, from my mother’s constant redecorating.

So, when I engaged with a novel, I always wanted to know “What does this room look like? What does it feel like? Even, how does it smell, how does the air taste? Great writers impart that directly with description, or in mood driven dialogues. Then when I morphed many years later into design, the story aspect of a dwelling stuck with me.

The big question:  What does your home say about you, and do you feel it supports you? Is it really your story, or some idea you saw in a magazine or TV show, that may or may not be you. There are questions I like to answer just from being in a home. Basic questions about the life being lived in the home.

If I answer some of these questions just by being in an environment, or by knowing the inhabitants, without interviewing, the design work is of one sort. If I can’t answer these questions, I will ask lots of questions, and it is another type of work. Both are rewarding — interesting and completely engaging.

  • Who lives here?
  • And what do the individuals do?
  • What are their ages?
  • If it’s a couple…who is she? Who is he? Who are they together?
  • And then, what do they do together? Do they entertain, pursue hobbies, read, watch movies or TV, race out the door in the morning? Return, ready to relax?
  • If there are kids….what are their ages? Girls or boys? Avid students, sports team members? Engaged young kids or distant teens? Or grads, returning to the nest?

And why does it matter? One of the best possible things about my job is to figure out the very best of a home’s likely story, and to help the owners see and realize it in the environment in a beautiful, handsome and comfortable way. This means to find and create whatever helps them feel they are living, working, creating and playing in their own story, or even their own fantasy, and not someone else’s prescription, or fantasy, for a good life.

great rooms

What story will your home tell?

Texture, furnishings, color, surfaces—all play a part in creating mood and function.