contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen


Kitchens, designed for gatherings,
balanced with sleek surfaces and functional layouts

“Edy Keeler cleverly designed & orchestrated a most beautiful and functional home kitchen renovation. She seems to have an infinite resource of brilliant solutions….which was essential in my situation. Edy’s clarity, sense of wit and considerateness maintained a positive focus for the duration of the kitchen renovation.” -E P

Many motivations exist for designing a new kitchen. Obviously, construction of a new home means kitchen design. Or simply a need to refresh and introduce more modern appliances to an old, worn kitchen. Another is needing a larger space to accommodate a modern family. Maybe an updated look with new finishes, while leaving the layout and appliances the same. One cause I’ve encountered was a mold infestation that necessitated ripping out flooring, cabinets, wall coverings — everything that was making this client ill. An extreme situation.


Even without the extra condition of mold, a kitchen renovation ranks as potentially the most stressful type of home improvement. As for the process, what we strive to do is minimize destruction, maximize reusing whatever desired, and stay on schedule. No-one enjoys eating every meal at restaurants, or cleaning up in a sink area improvised in a guest bath!


After  meetings to create a good layout, we talk about surfaces to create the feeling and function. Often we are presented with a countertop that the client loves. For example, a rainforest marble, not a granite or quartz, that usually would be rejected as too porous a surface for a kitchen, but might work fine if sealed to be be very stain resistant. Here with an agreement that the owner will adhere to a maintenance schedule including professional sealing.


Sometimes a space is small and cannot be enlarged. So we will figure out how to accommodate a table and chairs or whatever else is desired that is reasonable in the space. Working with a talented cabinet maker we can still include a prep island with a couple of neat barstools. Or a special feature like a tall section of cubbies for wine storage. Another frequent wish, near the stove top, is a tall pull out pantry unit for spices, oils and other cooking supplies.


Appliances and plumbing fixtures are located at quality vendor showrooms. After new plumbing and appliances are installed, paint colors may be the last thing to coordinate. We always test right on the walls, and it often with two or even three iterations to get it perfect. We end up with colors complementary to the adjacent rooms or halls, with maybe an accent color on soffits or ceiling. The effect is to tie all the surfaces in the room together and create warmth and interest.


Owners are always pleased to get back to their life, their pursuits,
and their own cooking.